Basic OSPF Configuration

ip routing

router ospf 1
network area 0
network 0.0.0 255 area 1
passive-interface default
no passive-interface vlan 10
no passive-interface vlan 20
default-information originate always

Can also use ospf on interfaces:
router ospf 1

int vlan 10
ip address
ip ospf 1 area 0

int vlan 20
ip address
ip ospf 1 area 1

clear ip ospf process

Adjusting metrics
int vlan 20
ip ospf cost 5


ipv6 unicast-routing
ipv6 router ospf 1
(All networks per interface)
copy vlans to notepad
edit to add the following to each vlan
int vlan 10
ip ospf 1 area 0

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