Basic VTP Configuration

VLAN Trunking Protocol only works on trunks. If you aren’t getting vlan information as expected, verify links are trunks.

Modes: Server, Client, Transparent, OFF
Server: Can create, advertise, and receive vlans
Client: Can not create vlans, but can receive and advertise vlans.
Transparent: Can create local vlans, but can not receive vlans. However, it can advertise vtp information it received from one switch to another switch.
Off: Does not participate in VTP

vtp pruning removes unnecessary vlans from being advertised to swtiches that don’t have any ports in that particular vlan

Versions 1, 2, and 3
Version 1: vlans 1-1001
Version 2: Mostly the same as Version 1, but with added support for token ring.
Version 3: vlans: 1-4095

Sample Config:
vtp mode server
vtp password W!F!W0rksh0p
vtp domain wifiworkshop
vtp version 3
vlan 2000-2005

show vtp status
show vtp password