How to Upgrade Cisco ISE (2.1 to 2.2)

How to Upgrade ISE 2.1 to 2.2


The document outlines the basic steps involved in Upgrading ISE 2.1 to 2.2 in a Distributed Deployment. This was performed in a test environment. If you are in a live production environment, you’ll want to break up the PSN upgrade portion into 2 separate sections to minimize downtime.

Be sure to back up ISE (including exporting certificates) before proceeding.


Create a Local Repository

Administration > System > Maintenance > Repository

Click Add

Enter a Repository Name (for instance Local-Repo)

Set Protocol to disk

Set the path (for instance /ise-upgrade)


Create the Local Repository Path on all ISE Nodes

Log into each ISE Node via putty

Create the path you set in the Local Repository

mkdir disk:/ise-upgrade

*Note: Repeat on all ISE Nodes


Transfer the Upgrade to each ISE Node

*Note: I was having a hard time using sftp to transfer the file as it kept failing to copy halfway through. I ended up using tftp instead.  This took a while to copy, but it worked.

copy tftp://servername/ise-upgradebundle- disk:/ise-upgrade

*Note: Repeat on all ISE Nodes


Download the Upgrade from the Repository, Create the Upgrade Sequence, and Upgrade

Administration > System > Upgrade

Click the Upgrade Tab

Select “I have reviewed the checklist”

Click Continue





Select all Nodes and Click Download

Set the Repository to Local-Repo

Verify the Selected Bundle is correct

Click Begin Download

Once all Nodes have downloaded the file, Click Continue




Create an Upgrade Sequence

Highlight the Secondary Admin Node and Click the Right arrow to create the Sequence

Click the Primary Monitor Node and Click the Right arrow to add it to the Sequence



Click Upgrade

Repeat the process for the remaining PSNs.

Repeat the process for the Secondary Monitor Node and the Primary Admin Node

Once the Upgrade is complete, you should be able to log into the Primary Admin node. The new Primary Admin Node was previously the Secondary Admin Node before the upgrade.  In this case, it is cisepan02. Then, complete the steps outlined in the Post-Upgrade Tasks in ISE.